quote What can I say, I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times but you are the Best in the Business. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to meet you and have you work on our house. Please feel free to show our house anytime, we are both so proud of it. You took a simple house and through your expertise and talent turned our home into something special. You will always have my high recommendation for top craftsmanship, looking out for your clients and making your clients feel special. quote

- Mike and Jill


quote BVTV, Inc., producers of the Bob Vila's Home Again is in its fourth year of syndication with Group W, Westinghouse. Sears Roebuck is again our sponsor and we will once again be looking forward to working with Bob Ryley of Ryley Construction in this endeavor. quote

- Bob Vila


quote The quality of the work, particularly the finished carpentry, the creative suggestions, and outstanding coordination have resulted in a home that Karylann and I will find to be most comfortable. I have an appreciation and respect for craftsmen that do more than put together a stick-built house and your performance would allow me to recommend you enthusiastically. quote

- Robert Walsh


quote My goodness, you work with the speed of lightning! Much more so than this letter writer. Ask a favor one day, done the next. You and Arthur did such a terrific job on those back steps at the Showhouse. Good safe, secure, and with a wider threshold, I can't imagine how we would have managed without those improvements. Once completed, we all realized we had been dealing with a powder-keg. Of course, we thought you did such a great job we wanted to ask you back to do the whole back porch!!!

Thanks, Bob. I'm sure your summer is busy enough with your own work. Your willingness to pitch in and help the Showcase make a bit more money means so much to the school. And goodness knows you saved us from some potentially awful accident waiting to happen. Thanks for being so prompt, so selfless, and so good at what you do. CCA is blessed to have the Ryley family in its midst.quote

- Margy Burroughs, Cape Cod Academy Designer's Showhouse


quote Myrna and I couldn't be more pleased with the house you have built for us. It is exactly the house we wanted and planned for, even though the original plans, sketches and detail were to say the least, vague.

Your cooperation, understanding of changes and trade-offs along with fairness of price has been outstanding.

Workmanship and the Ryley ideas for construction, landscaping, etc. speak for themselves. The results are a beautiful home that we are proud of and will enjoy for a long time. quote

- Ralph


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