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Presently there is a flurry of activity and an outpouring of information occurring in the environmental field investigating and experimenting in ways to become more sustainable, solar driven, toxic free, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. At Ryley Builders we bring our Green expertise to the table for private and community projects alike.

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Zeigler HouseBoston Youth Build,
Green Build
Zeigler Street, Roxbury

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Healthy House, Morris Island, Chatham

Bob Vila and Bob RyleyThis Healthy House is designed by Design Associates Inc., in keeping with turn of the century architecture style. The primary concern for the client, who is chemically sensitive, is indoor air quality. From lumber to adhesives, this build required the elimination of all VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), preservatives, formaldehydes, and out-gassing materials. In order to substitute for lacquers, the custom cabinetry and vanity interiors were finished with a combination of extra virgin olive oil and lemon. All interior paints were sourced to be without mildew retardants which lengthen product shelf life, but also emit VOC’s. The interior floors were finished with BioShield products derived from citrus peels, emitting zero VOC’s.

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